SFC Koenig Demonstrating Installation Solutions At IFPE

SFC Koenig will demonstrate its line of installation equipment at IFPE 2017. The company offers a unique suite of manual and hydropneumatic solutions for the installation of its sealing plugs and flow control products. The equipment allows customers to easily, efficiently and accurately integrate SFC Koenig products into assembly lines.

Unlike many companies in the industry, SFC Koenig said it has specially designed installation solutions that can be adapted for high-volume production environments.

The SFC Koenig product line includes the Koenig Expander, an engineered metal-

to-metal expander seal; the Koenig Restrictor, for precise fluid flow control; and the Koenig Check Valve, for forward and reverse flow control applications.

At IPFE, the company will demonstrate ExTool hand tools used for the installation of pull-type Koenig Expander, as well as the ExPress table press, used for the installation of Koenig Expander push-type plugs and flow control products. Both solutions control force and distance, ensuring safe and secure installation of components.

“We are excited to be highlighting our installation equipment at IFPE,” said Tom Ryan, head of Product Management at SFC Koenig. “Based on customer input, our engineers developed solutions that make our parts fast and easy to install – reducing errors for safety critical applications. While our sealing and flow control products are recognized for best-in-class performance, with our installation equipment, SFC Koenig is able to provide a much more complete solution for our customers.”

Demonstrations will be presented daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., March 7 to 11 at Booth S81351.