New Rotational Speed Sensor From Rheintacho

Rheintacho is introducing its new FQ series of plastic sensors for detecting rotational speed and direction.

Rheintacho is introducing its FQ series of plastic sensors designed for detecting rotational speed and direction, which complies with IP69K protection class. The FQ series is a further development of the current Rheintacho FK product line, which fulfills protection class IP65.

The new FQ Series is available with different sensor lengths, cable outlet directions and connector options. Besides the application flexibility insured by these options, Rheintacho offers customised solutions.

“There are two main reasons why we were motivated to develop this new series. Firstly, we see a tendency to specify higher IP classes in many applications for safety reasons, than was the case a few years ago,” said Wolfgang Sexauer, sales manager at Rheintacho. “Secondly, the IP69K protection class enables technical potentials to be realised even more efficiently today. This applies to both available materials and, of course, to intelligent constructions.”

The FQ product series offers additional configuration variants, as for example frequency range, detection distance, EMC, and temperature stability. According to Rheintacho’s current development plan, all versions will be designed as a two-channel sensor, to detect rotational speed and direction of rotation.